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The Association is governed by the Board of Directors. Internal regulations of the Association and the conduct of its Members are inspired by principles of mutual respect, democracy and openness. Any Regular Member in good standing may be elected to serve as a Member of the Board of Directors and can join Association Committees, besides participating in the Assembly and the Association activities.

Founding, Regular and Honorary Members who have paid their annual membership fee compose the Assembly in any given year.The Assembly meets at least once per year. The Chair must call an Assembly meeting when requested by a majority of the members of the Board of Directors, or when a specific request is submitted by at least one tenth of the Association Members that can participate in the Assembly. The convocation of the Assembly shall be made through written announcement via e-mail to all the Members at least ten days beforehand and it shall be published on the Association Website at least fifteen days in advance.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors comprises a minimum of twelve and a maximum of twenty-one Members, including four permanent (except for resignation or death) Founding Members, with the others (among Regular members) elected by a Meeting of the Assembly. Once constituted, the Board of Directors elects, among its Members, the Chair, the Vice-Chair and the Associate Chairs, and appoints the Secretary, Management and Organizing Committees, their Chairs/ Coordinators and the Treasurer, as regulated by the Association Bylaws.

Each elected member of the Board of Directors remains in office for a term of 2 years, starting from the time of his or her election, and can be re-elected. In the case of death or resignation of a Member of the Board of Directors before the end of his or her term, the Board of Directors can appoint a substitute for the period before the next meeting of the Assembly.

Chair President and Vice-President
The Chair is the legal representative of the Association towards third-party and in cases of court involvement. He or she has the legal authority of the Association to delegate tasks to the Vice-Chair, Associate Chairs and other Regular, Founding and Honorary Members, and Management and Organizing Committees to perform specific activities and projects. If the Chair is unable to serve at any time, the Vice-Chair may assume the responsibilities of the Chair during that period.

Both the Chair and the Vice-Chair are elected by and within the Board of Directors. The term of the Chair and the Vice-Chair is 1 year. The Chair calls and presides over ordinary and extraordinary meetings of the Assembly and the Board of Directors.

Governing Board
The Governing Board of the Association is composed of Regular Members with complementary expertise and experiences. To be eligible for membership on the Board, a person has to be centrally involved in areas and activities of interest to the Association Besides joining the Assembly, Members of the Advisory Board may take part with priority in activities and projects of the Association, may provide useful and timely advice, suggestions and feedback to the Board of Directors, may take part centrally in forums and exchanges of relevance to the Association, and join Management and Organizing Committees of the Association for the fulfillment of specific activity or task, based on their expertise and interests.

The Secretary is responsible for carrying out the administrative tasks related to the decisions of the Assembly and Board of Directors’ meetings as resolved. The Secretary prepares, in consultation with the Chair, all meeting agendas. He or she is required to attend every meeting of the Association and take notes of the discussions in order to produce a set of Minutes for subsequent distribution to members and for receipt, possible amendment and adoption at the following meeting.

Management and Support
The Board of Directors can appoint Management and Support staff composed of dedicated members of the Board of Directors, Managing Assistants, Advisory Board members and, if needed, collaborating external members, for the fulfillment of a specific activity or task.

The management and support staff leads the development of strategies and plans for fund raising and generating income to support the activities of the Association., they also supervises the preparation of the accounting documents, budgets and financial reports, and submits them to the Board of Directors.


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