Pervez Musharraf's Message on Terrorism

Musharraf resolved to combat terrorism.
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Tony Blair's
Message on Terrorism

Terrorism is a threat to noble human values, like human liberty and freedom...........
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Abdul Sattar Eidhi's
Message on Terrorism

We condemn Terrorism against innocent people, Terroism is no solution of any thing.
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Terrorism Incidents.  

Karachi bursts into riots:
Mufti Shamzai killed in ambush
(May 30, 2004)

Renowned religious scholar Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzai was shot dead while his son, nephew and driver were injured in an ambush near the Jamia Islamia Binoria in the city's New Town area on Sunday, police said. The religious leader's supporters went on a rampage in which about a dozen people including eight policemen
were injured and property including the Quaid-e-Azam Academy building near the mosque, which maintains the Quaid's historic documents, and the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) outlet at NIPA roundabout were damaged.

Witnesses said the attackers riding in cars and on motorcycles kept firing for some time and then escaped. All four occupants of the vehicle were injured and were taken to a private hospital where doctors pronounced the mufti dead. He was buried at 8:00pm. News of Mufti Shamzai's death spread like wildfire and most areas in the city's central and eastern parts were shut down. Major markets, shopping centres, educational institutions and government and private establishments were already closed due to a public holiday.
A provincial government spokesman said around 15,000 policemen and other law enforcement personnel were deployed in areas affected by violence. "Shia mosques are being guarded and we may call in the army if the situation goes out of control," the spokesman said. However, Inter-Services Public Relations spokesman Col Mohammad Idrees said so far the civil administration had not sought the army's assistance. "Police and Rangers are there and are dealing with the situation effectively. The civil administration has not called us so far to intervene," he told .
Police officials said a mob tried to attack a Shia imambargah on MA Jinnah Road near the scene of the ambush, but turned away when police started shooting and fired teargas. Mobs later ransacked shops outside the Quaid's Mausoleum. Mufti Shamzai's teenage son, Salimuddin, nephew Rafiuddin and driver, Tayyab, were said to be out of danger.
Agencies add: Provincial security adviser Aftab Sheikh also said on Sunday it had been known that Mufti Shamzai's life was threatened and the government had provided him bodyguards. "It was a targeted killing and according to our information about 10 to 12 people were involved," he said. "It is a continuation of recent acts of violence and terrorism." He said a high court judge would hold an inquiry and offered Rs 2 million for information on

18 die in blast at Karachi
Imambargah: Two killed in
shooting at blood bank
(May 31, 2004)

At least 18 worshippers were killed and over 35 injured on Monday in what police said was an apparent suicide bombing at an Imambargah off M.A. Jinnah Road near Numaish intersection.

A large number of people were trapped under the debris. After the blast, people gathered at the Imambargah to remove the bodies and rescue the injured. Soon after the explosion, electric supply to the area was switched off by the KESC and the entire area plunged into darkness. Rescue workers faced severe hardships in locating the injured and the dead.
Later, fire-tenders reached the place with floodlights which accelerated the rescue work. The dead and injured were taken to the Civil Hospital, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre and Liaquat National Hospital.
When a bomb disposal squad reached the place it was fired upon by angry people who forced the personnel to leave their van. Later, the vehicle was set on fire. Violence soon spread to other parts of the city.
Civil Hospital sources said that five bodies were brought to the hospital. A sixth body brought to the hospital was in pieces, they added. JPMC sources said that four bodies were lying at the hospital while officials at the LNH reported receiving six bodies.
The bodies were later taken away by relatives. The identity of the dead could not be ascertained till late night. Doctors were of the opinion that most of the injured suffered 30 to 50 per cent burn injuries.
In the suicide bombing at the Hyderi mosque on May 7, on the premises of the Sindh Madressatul Islam, 14 people died and 96 others were injured. The death toll later rose to 23. City Nazim Naimatullah Khan termed the explosion a conspiracy to destabilise the peace in the city and the country.

George W.Bush 's Message on Terrorism

We condemn Terrorism against innocent people,
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Nelson Mandela's
Message on Terrorism

humans have always been facing the threat of terrorism. But new phenomenon of terrorism is highly oraganised crime against humanity.
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Ansar Burni's
Message on Terrorism

Terrorism is a heinous crime in which certain people are involved to promote there political intrests...........
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