Pervez Musharraf's Message on Terrorism

Musharraf resolved to combat terrorism.
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Tony Blair's
Message on Terrorism

Terrorism is a threat to noble human values, like human liberty and freedom...........
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Abdul Sattar Eidhi's
Message on Terrorism

We condemn Terrorism against innocent people, Terroism is no solution of any thing.
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Speeches On Terrorism:  
President CAT Speaker NA State Minister Japanese Ambassador
Political Secretary      
  CAT Foundation President's Speech:
Honorable Speaker National Assembly, Ch. Amir Hussain Sahib,
Honorable Minister of State for Interior Mr. Shahzad Waseem Sahib,
H.E. the Ambassador of Japan Mr. Nobu aki Tanaka
Mr. Lawrence K. Robinson Secretary for Political Affairs US Embassy.
Honorable Diplomats, Eminent Scholars, Members of the Media,
Ladies and Gentlemen!

First of all I wish to thank all of you for taking time out of your busiest engagements to come here to participate in this important function. The basic purpose of this assemblage here is to review the fact that today civilized World has gone quite insecure by the conflicting theories about terrorism and civilization. Because of these concepts, today World stands jeopardized.
On one side is the West who devolves the responsibility of events like 9/11 on the shoulders of the Muslims to justify American actions in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. On the other extreme the Muslim World is fully overwhelmed by anti-West tendencies. This uncertain situation has compelled the right thinking minds to seek out some way out of this environment of conflict and confrontation.
This is the backdrop against which CAT Foundation i.e. Campaign Against Terrorism has been established.
Members of the Media!
I announce it with tremendous pleasure that the CAT Foundation has formally started its function from today to effectively counter the skeptical charges of terrorism and extremism being leveled against Islam and Pakistan.

Honorable Audience!
Before proceeding further I wish to draw your attention to a very vital point that Islam is a religion of peace and security and no Muslim can even think of taking life of any other person. According to the sayings of our Holy Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (SLM), murder of a person amounts to the murder of the entire humanity. This is the very creed of the entire Muslim Ummah but unfortunately due to certain international causes Islam is being termed as an extremist religion, so much so that the Jihad, an article of Islamic faith and religion, is being held responsible for the disruption and destruction of world peace. You will concur with me that we Muslims too played some role in spreading such doubts and uncertainties about Islam in Europe and America.
Ladies and Gentlemen!

Islam lays special stress on the acquisition of knowledge. Islam is not against modernity. On the basis of this positive score we can cherish the optimism that if we make the best use of our intellectual resources and religious responsibilities we can not only remove the environment of prevailing doubts but also can help build an atmosphere of mutual dialogue with the West. As far as the measures of the present government against terrorism and extremism are concerned they have restored to some extent Pakistan's image abroad but despite this more intensely a necessity was being felt that there should be founded a campaign in the private sector which could bring about larger intellectual unity in the society by removing such misunderstandings and attitudes and substituting them with sound positivism.
Ladies and Gentlemen!

The CAT Foundation has been established keeping in view a very vital objective. In its long term projects is included highlighting the true Islamic features of Jihad in the educational system of Pakistan and to build up such a social, economic and intellectual atmosphere in the country which affords to all citizens the opportunities to utilize their God gifted capabilities for the collective weal and development of the country and the Nation.

Social justice is the basic right of every citizen. Likewise acquisition of knowledge compatible with the requirements of the modernity is the part of the destiny of every individual in our country. The CAT Foundation firmly believes in the golden philosophy of “ live and let live” instead of conflict generation among civilizations. We will always strive to provide succor to the peace loving thinkers of the West and of Islam to accomplish the objectives of a mutual dialogue. We demand particularly from the Nation of Pakistan and the Islamic World in general that they should leave the blind alley of extremism behind themselves and should step forward with the universal message of Islam to spread it to other civilizations in its true form so as to minimize the potential of civilizational confrontation.
Honorable Members of the Media!
Our projects under the CAT Foundation include larger association of people and creation of literature based on the best endeavors of the best men. Initially we will provide textbooks for teachings from primary level upward to matriculation and above. Similarly we will also be preparing literature for teaching institutions, which could rectify the misperceptions of the West about Islam.
Honorable Audience!

We are determined to build up a sound base of creative and reformative measures under the CAT Foundation. Such measures include establishment of training centers at Provincial, Divisional, and District and Tehsil levels. In these training centers conceptual anti-terrorism training would be imparted to the humanpower comprising teachers, lawyers, councillors, women and representatives of human rights and welfare organizations.Likewise seminars and workshops would be held from provincial down to tehsil levels. In these workshops religious scholars, intellectuals and writers of fame would be invited to deliver their lectures/speeches.

We will also initiate measures to make part of teaching syllabi anti-terrorism literature and writings in the educational institutions of the country. For this purpose we will seek cooperation of the Federal Education Ministry to raise anti-terrorism awareness on a mass scale.
Lakhs of anti-terrorism slogans would be distributed among the people besides pasting them at suitable sites and places.

Our efforts will not confine here alone.We will enlarge the scope of our struggle gradually to all directions. It will also be a part of our Campaign to highlight our national image and identity within and without. It is in fact a big objective but Insha-Allah by our steadfastness and perseverance we will definitely succeed in this august mission. We have also arranged for the monitoring of our efforts and outcomes. For this purpose we will be setting up Monitoring Teams at the Provincial and District levels. These teams will consist of University / college teachers and representatives of human rights organizations.

I feel tremendous pleasure at the fact that from today we have also started a campaign of enrolling members for our Foundation. I passionately appeal to every school of thought to fully take part in this auspicious drive so that we move forward to reach the ultimate grand objective in unison for eradication of terrorism, extremism and intolerance from the dear country. I expect good wishes and cooperation from all of you.
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Full practical participation of the nation can pave the way for our success. I am quite hopeful of your participation and cooperation.
Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen!
George W.Bush 's Message on Terrorism

We condemn Terrorism against innocent people,
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Nelson Mandela's
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Humans have always been facing the threat of terrorism. But new phenomenon of terrorism is highly oraganised crime against humanity.
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Terrorism is a heinous crime in which certain people are involved to promote there political intrests...........
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