Pervez Musharraf's Message on Terrorism

Musharraf resolved to combat terrorism.
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Tony Blair's
Message on Terrorism

Terrorism is a threat to noble human values, like human liberty and freedom...........
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Abdul Sattar Eidhi's
Message on Terrorism

We condemn Terrorism against innocent people, Terroism is no solution of any thing.
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  1): Establishing harmony tolerance and solidarity among the people through to make human life free from intolerance, bigotry and other forms of parochialism breeding violence and terrorism. To that mean CAT will organize seminars, symposiums and lectures on terrorism and the negative impact it casts on human life.

2): Education is the primary focus of CAT. In educating the masses CAT will work through print and electronic media using latest machinery, instruments and technology including Audio Video system, slides, VCR, VCD and television etc. to uproot discrimination hatred, violence and terrorism.

3): To create awareness and educate masses regarding terrorism, CAT will design and provide literature, with all segments of society and all others concerned, against terrorism. CAT has its own printing, composing, scanning and photo state system.

4): Promoting peace and harmony among the people and the states and uprooting all types of prejudices, discriminations, injustices, intolerance and other social evils require close understanding of different faiths. CAT shall also organize interfaith (religious) dialogues to create harmony, communal peace at large and national unity within the country.

5): Through promoting harmony and friendship CAT will strive to ensure tolerance and justice, a sine quo non to guarantee peace and security within and without.

6): To motivate children to read literature against terrorism CAT will introduce story telling, story writing, speech competitions, painting, graphic designing, keeping in view the age and psychology of the children, to inculcate passion for humanity and terrorism as an evil.

7): CAT does not have unilinear approach towards terrorism. It is socially a global phenomenon where unilinear approach caves in. CAT seeks to operate and design programmes in a way which is multilinear and where campaign against terrorism get converged to social development.

8): CAT will promote skills of ceramics, paintings, pottery, hand made paper/recycled paper and indigenous arts and crafts of different cultures to bring different cultures into close interaction and foster cross-cultural understanding and harmony. This would help a great deal to uproot terrorism.

9): Formal/informal and technical educations are very important regarding multilinear approach to terrorism. CAT believes in employing all those forms of education in its campaign against terrorism. It will provide children, especially the needy ones of rural communities, with books, uniforms, financial assistance and technical training to make them au fait with the most modern technology.

10): CAT will provide training in micro business to rural communities and launch micro credit schemes for purpose of reduction of poverty.

11): CAT seeks to enhance the skill of special persons so that they remain independent and provide medical services to deprived community in the rural areas and also in congested poor localities of urban areas and Katchi Abadies to boot.

12): CAT is primarily based on the passion of humanism. It will help need peoples in moral, legal, social and financial terms for solution of their legitimate problems and foster among them the same passion of humanism.

13): CAT will publish and distribute materials for the objective of putting terrorism to an end and for that it will have a close coordination with electronic and print media, organizations, person(s), when deemed necessary.

14): CAT will provide training to Government and semi-Government organizations/ departments to counter terrorism and the techniques/ strategies involved in terrorists' activities.

15): To help provide such basic necessities of life to the people of remote and rural areas of Pakistan, as drinking water, medical relief, dowry to poor and helpless girls, drainage and other rural development schemes in villages for rural development.

16): To establish and operate centers for welfare of women and children, youth, the destitute and drug addicts, acceptable to government, national and international agencies in keeping with the polices of Federal and Provincial Government.

17): The CAT organization will provide a books Costing Rs. 60/- to each student of universities colleges and schools free of cost through out Pakistan against terrorism. Total number of books required are 40 millions.

George W.Bush 's Message on Terrorism

We condemn Terrorism against innocent people,
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Nelson Mandela's
Message on Terrorism

humans have always been facing the threat of terrorism. But new phenomenon of terrorism is highly oraganised crime against humanity.
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Ansar Burni's
Message on Terrorism

Terrorism is a heinous crime in which certain people are involved to promote there political intrests...........
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