Pervez Musharraf's Message on Terrorism

Musharraf resolved to combat terrorism.
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Tony Blair's
Message on Terrorism

Terrorism is a threat to noble human values, like human liberty and freedom...........
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Abdul Sattar Eidhi's
Message on Terrorism

We condemn Terrorism against innocent people, Terroism is no solution of any thing.
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Messages on Terrorism  

Mushasrraf resolved to combat terrorism.

Talking to official media after the second attack on his life within two weeks President Gen Pervez Musharraf, said he had no doubt in his mind that the suicide bombing against him was a targeted act of terrorism. . He, however, made it clear that such attacks could not stop him from his path of combating extremism and militancy, in short, terrorism.

The president said "I believe what I am doing is right, and those who have
attempted to kill me are extremists and enemies of Pakistan and Islam".He reiterated his resolve to remain firm in the face of such attacks. "I am not a loser. I don't believe in running away. Dangers come in the life but I don't bother. I believe in destiny and have a very strong faith in Allah."

The president said his resolve to deal with militants and extremists has been strengthened by such cowardly acts. He said the attacks had made stronger his belief in Allah. Hours after the two suicide car bombers hit his motorcade in Rawalpindi, the president hosted a banquet in honour of Comestech's participants.
Ishrat Lauds CAT Objectives
The Sindh Governor Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan has lauded the objectives of the CAT Foundation and has wished all the success to this organization in its endeavours against terrorism.

In his message to the CAT Foundation President Mr. Zafar Shahid on the occasion of its inaugural function, Governor Ishrat-ul-Ebad said:-"It gives me pleasure that an organization in the name of "Campaign Against Terrorism

(CAT) Foundation" has been established to combat growing menace of terrorism through public persuasion, spread of education and motivation.

I am glad to learn that the main objective of the Foundation is to inculcate harmony, tolerance and solidarity among various sections of the people by means of education against sectarianism, religious extremism and other forms of parochial ideologies breeding violence and terrorism.
I am hopeful that the Foundation will accord priority to education and will work to develop curriculum, hold seminars/workshops, help government/semi-government and private educational institutions in teaching the youth about the evil of terrorism.
I wish all the success for the Foundation in their endeavours to fight against terrorism."

Menace of terrorism a challenge ---- Zubaida Jalal
The Federal Minister for Social Welfare and Special Education Ms. Zubaida Jalal has called upon the people to step forward and combat the menace of terrorism effectively. In her message to the President of the CAT Foundation Mr. Zafar Shahid, on the occasion of inaugural function held in Islamabad the Minister said: -

"I congratulate President of CAT, its executive and general body members at the
occasion of inaugural seminar, on constituting an organization to fight against terrorism.

I appreciate the initiative of CAT to combat terrorism by creating awareness among the masses and also to motivate them to prevent and overcome the brutal and bloody menace.
The holding of series of seminars, conferences, publishing of booklets and leaflets are the effective means of creating awareness and motivating the public representatives, civil society organizations, international organizations, religious scholars, media, business organizations, and community at large, against terrorism. The present challenging scenario is openly inviting all of us to step in and combat the menace of terrorism.
Our Government is actively involved at international and local level to root out terrorism. I pray for the success of CAT efforts and invite others to join hand to combat terrorism.
RCCI Chief stresses joint efforts
Mr.Najam Rehan-Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry has stressed united efforts both by the government and the people to eradicate the curse of terrorism and has appreciated the role of CAT Foundation in addressing this menace with full seriousness and determination. In his message on the occasion CAT Foundation's inaugural function held here the RCCI chief said: -

"Terrorism has marred the socio economic development of entire world in
general and third world in particular. Our country Pakistan by itself is a victim and condemns terrorism in all its forms.

Pakistan is acting as frontline state in war against terrorism and is also playing a vital role for the elimination of terrorism regionally and globally, which had its repercussions within the country.
Pakistan is a moderate Islamic state and each and every citizen believes in universal brotherhood, peaceful co-existence and cooperation with rest of the world.

The impact of a fundamentalist and extremist society about Pakistan is not true and its creation is based on vested interests on the part of unscrupulous and ill-informed elements, which tend to misguide and present distorted image about Pakistan.
The policies of the government and awareness of people together will face this challenge squarely till the objective of complete eradication of this menace is achieved.
  Federal Minister for Privatisation and Investment  
Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh's message:
Terrorism is a growing menace to civil society all over the world. In order to combat terrorism effectively, one needs to have a co-ordinated and comprehensive response based on an understanding of its root causes, which include poverty, ignorance and social injustice.
The fight against terror is a complex exercise requiring well thought out responses.

In the short run, the most common response is force projected through state run intelligence agencies, police, paramilitary and even the military and this may work in liming terrorist activity by making the act or terror itself more difficult to undertake. However, the long-term solution to eradicate terrorism involves combating poverty, hunger, ignorance and social injustice so that the factors that breed terrorism are tackled effectively. Civil society, peace and prosperity only thrive in environments where there exists economic freedom, a responsible public sector, social liberty, tolerance and freedom and most important of all education. We need to be determined in rooting out intolerance, including intolerance hiding behind the guise of religion and must work towards promoting a just and tolerant civil society.

The Government of Pakistan is aware of these issues and has taken concrete measures to address terrorism's root causes. Along with continuing economic progress, greater social justice and freedom, initiatives are underway for improving access to education, health care, clean drinking water and other basic amenities of life. Specific micro-finance initiatives are underway to target poverty and provide opportunities to the poor to earn their own livelihoods. On the international front Pakistan is addressing long outstanding issues requiring international attention and with its neighbours especially India and is genuinely striving for peace and prosperity in the region.

George W.Bush 's Message on Terrorism

We condemn Terrorism against innocent people,
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Nelson Mandela's
Message on Terrorism

humans have always been facing the threat of terrorism. But new phenomenon of terrorism is highly oraganised crime against humanity.
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Ansar Burni's
Message on Terrorism

Terrorism is a heinous crime in which certain people are involved to promote there political intrests...........
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